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Hello, there! My name's Mystical, from WCO! Welcome to my Charrie site, and I hope you like it. Please, go ahead and explore. If you have any questions or want to RP just message me on WCO!
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Welcome to Charrie’s Tree! This is my new site because the old one wasn’t working out for me.

HERE is the link to my former character site. I’m kind of sad that It didn’t work out, but it was my first WordPress site, I hope that this one will be better. It probably will since I was learning when I made Little Bird’s OC’s. If you have any ideas on how to make this one better, please just PM me!


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I don’t do many Alternative Rps or anything out of the clan, but I made a acceptation for a certain rp that looked fun. This is Nessie’s Character page.